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Why Kanye’s Backing TRAVI$ SCOTT and You Should Too

Monday October 7 2013

Why Kanye’s Backing TRAVI$ SCOTT and You Should Too


What impresses us most about Houston-born Jacques Webster aka. Travi$ Scott isn’t his production or his rapping, or even his phenomenal visual aesthetic (watch the music video for his hit track Upper Echelon if you need convincing), but his commitment to all three. He’s about pushing the boundaries of music and his objectives are immediately apparent in his work.



“I design music; I don’t produce it.” says a confident Travi$ Scott to Billboard magazine earlier this year.  “I never produce a song, whether writing it or making a beat, and give it a wack visual or wack performance. I’m like a trifecta.”


Bold words coming from anyone in the highly-competitive modern hip-hop industry, but in the case of Travi$ Scott they carry their weight. That’s why Kanye and Jay-Z both invited him to contribute to their Billboard No. 1 releases this year, and why anyone who follows hip-hop will be hearing more and more of him in the near future.