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The Georgia Straight presents

LEE HARVEY OSMOND + The Lion The Bear The Fox

Friday October 25 2013

LEE HARVEY OSMOND + The Lion The Bear The Fox

Presented by The Georgia Straight

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The Lion The Bear The Fox


Tickets ($25):

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Artist Biography:

Tom Wilson, lead member of LeE HARVeY OsMOND, has cut his teeth with such Canadian acts as Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Junkhouse and the Florida Razors. Much of his music has its roots in folk; for this project that influence goes into the psychedelic and acid folk realms. It's not a stretch to place it in the hippie folk scene, especially with lyrics like "I wanna dance through the flowers on the grass. Yes, I'm going to dance away the war with you" (from the song "Big Chief").   The instrumentation stays true to the folk genre and takes interesting turns on its instrumental jams utilizing pedal steel guitar, heavily affected guitar, and vibraphones with horns, harmonica and dobro sneaking in. Needless to say the sound is rich. The melodic themes are shifted and replayed with a rotating cast of instruments and ensembles. The vocals come in rough and worn with tales of somber travels that could easily have been written a hundred years ago. Even lively numbers like "Devil's Load" and "Freedom" are songs of hardship and trial. The former features a killer harmonica solo and the latter has a good jazzy groove that definitely builds on the diversity of the album. The Folk Sinner won't get boring anytime soon; it's definitely one to keep in the collection.

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