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The Georgia Straight presents

THE BALCONIES + guests Red Vienna + Matt Watson

Thursday August 15 2013

THE BALCONIES + guests Red Vienna + Matt Watson

Presented by The Georgia Straight

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Tickets are $15.00 and are available HERE or AT THE DOOR   THE BALCONIES BIO: It’s a birds and the bees sort of question... Or maybe a chicken or the egg sort of question...What came first the rosined violin strings, major falls, classical theory or the smashed guitars, split finger tips and sweaty bodies? To see the Balconies play is nothing short of grasping at science. Even when placed down neatly in a Petri dish underneath thumbs and forefingers – the DNA-code of their infectious pop hooks interweaved with classical sensibility and theory is hard to discern. At what point did their university-learned mastery of classical theory give birth to their understanding of rock and roll energy and pop structuring? Hence the whole chicken-or-the-egg conundrum... “Whoa, check out the vocal pipes on that one!”, “I can’t stop dancing!”, “Those bass lines are so bold!” “I heard they were created in a lab!”, “I want to live on those eyelashes!” – cry the swarms of people, mouths open and half-finished bottles held waiting for the set’s end so as not to miss a moment. But the Ottawa ex-pats don’t bat an uncoordinated lash – they play onwards in sweaty leather, haloed by the spotlight. The Balconies are a band with a story. Siblings Jacquie and Steven Neville lead from their perches at the front of the stage, with Jacquie’s wide-eyed guitar strums and Stephen’s lanky bass lines tumbling in a dryer filled with Liam Jaeger’s rhythmic peppering. For those well-versed in indie-rock archetypes, the Balconies’ beginnings – boy meets girl in university while studying classical music; girl drags brother out of school and into the basement; boy, girl and younger brother pound out rock jams to the outstretched arms of Ottawa bars. But beginnings are just that – the roots that sprouted. Things change. We all know this. Hair grows longer, eyes grow wider and calluses form.
The sprawl of our government’s city could no longer hold the sweaty crowds, and with hungry hearts – like a trio of lost city racoons –The Balconies made their way to Toronto to bask in the spoils of the vibrant music scene. Aperitifs were provided – in the form of a self recorded release – while ballrooms buzzed for something more complete. The seasons somersaulted and the trio shed their rookie-skin playing an endless stream of shows and festivals from coast to coast. Sharing the stage with Cold War Kids, Juliette Lewis, Melissa Auf der Maur, Mother Mother, Land of Talk, and Sloan and killing decibels at Ottawa Bluesfest, North by Northeast, Canadian Music Fest, WESTFEST, all the way to Pop Montreal, The Balconies sowed their loyal fanbase. But the hunger remains, so The Balconies have enlisted notable producer Jon Drew (Tokyo Police Club, Fucked Up) for their first full length and will unleash a new 7-inch May 2011 with two songs recorded by Drew. Somewhere in the city, speakers still ring with the remnants of The Balconies feedback.
And ring on they will, as The Balconies leave a trail of exploded speakers and broken drumsticks in their wake.
So if you’re not interested in sparring vocals, feedback, whipping hair, sweaty bodies, dancing drums and bottom-heavy bass lines, steer clear of the Balconies. If you fancy a riot of gargantuan rhythmic proportions, swing by. Oh... and bring earplugs – this will get loud. MILESTONES: -Finalists in Live 88.5’s Big Money Shot competition, received $80,000 prize. -Cited as a band to watch in 2010 by The National Post -Cover story for VOIR Magazine’s December 2009 issue (Ottawa/Montreal street weekly) -The Balconies are bi-lingual, have been embraced by both english and french speaking press -The Balconies have toured coast to coast opening for the likes of Juliette Lewis, Cold War Kids, Sloan, Two Hours Traffic, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Sweet Thing, and more. -The Balconies are currently in the studio recording with producer Jon Drew (Tokyo Police Club, The Arkells, Fucked Up, Alexisonfire) 
“To say this band is a beast on stage is a dramatic understatement. Their music reached out and bitch slapped the Horseshoe across their drunk faces, demanding attention.” -SoundProof Magazine 
“Singer Jacquie Neville’s fret-board acrobatics and Florence and the Machine-worthy vocals made her a full-package front woman... it was an oft--rousing show.” -Exclaim! 
“They’ve yet to deliver anything but a cracking good set.” -Chromewaves.net
“In the future, you can expect to hear great things from this trio.” -Skunk Magazine 
“The band is known for a few things -chiefly their powerful songwriting, strong musicianship and the fact that they are a band with a brother-sister dynamic.” -The Daily Gleaner 
“The band's spirited set was met by a crowd of bobbing heads and proved to be one of the evening's finest performances.” -ChartAttack 
“A major band to watch” - Uptown Magazine “Ottawa’s best up and comers” -Exclaim!
“I can see these kids going far” - NOW “the outpour of incredible reviews and glowing praise for the band has etched them as rising stars - quite simply one of the best acts this year. The Balconies are one of those bands you’ll want to hear over and over again” - Pulse Niagara

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