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The Georgia Straight presents


Friday November 29 2013


Presented by The Georgia Straight

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The Georgia Straight presents...   THE REASON [Hamilton / Anthem Records] http://www.thereasonmusic.com/ https://www.facebook.com/thereason   +   THEE ATTACKS [Denmark / Crunchy Frog Records] http://theeattacks.dk/ https://www.facebook.com/theeattacks     Tickets ($18 +s/c): Buy Now www.ticketweb.ca + www.venuelive.ca + Red Cat Records + Zulu Records   THE REASON: Navigating the Canadian musical landscape as an independent artist travelling coast to coast can take its toll, and Hamilton’s The Reason are no exception. There have been many highs, but in between all of the measurable achievements and success, there are the lows, wastelands and pitstops, which leave even the most road-experienced and hardened feeling “hollow”, a feeling resonated throughout the band’s latest offering Hollow Tree. The newly released six song EP produced by Howard Redekopp (Mother Mother, Tegan & Sara, The New Pornographers) at Vancouver’s Greenhouse Recording Studios chronicles the relatable story of coming to terms with, and taking stock of where one is in one’s life. “The title really is an analogy for the band in many ways,” says lead vocalist/guitarist Adam White. With any true story, people come and go, but The Reason’s main members, Ronson (bass), Nelan (guitar/keyboard/vocals) and Adam White (vocals/guitar) remain at the core of the band, having developed a lifelong kinship and a penchant for making music together. Throughout the EP the band once again showcases their ability to craft memorable songs with hooky guitar lines, and have also incorporated strings, horns and piano. The lyrics run a gamut of emotions and speak to self-examination, self-doubt, frustration and introspection. For instance, lead track “Drive Me Home” is a straight-ahead poppy gem inspired by Ryan Braun, a player on the Milwaukee Brewers who was wrongfully accused and suspended for using performance enhancing drugs. “I tried to put myself in his shoes as to what he was going through during that time,” explains White. “The lyrics metaphorically relate to anyone who has been wrongfully accused of something, though they did nothing wrong. His reputation was sadly tarnished as a result.” “Those Days Are Dead” is a musical shout-out to the band’s early, edgier sound. The track is about coming to terms with the state of the music industry and navigating through it. Another highlight, “Don’t Fail Me” is probably the anthem of the EP, with lyrics about giving something one last make it or break it shot, whether it be a situation or a relationship. The song features some great guitar playing from Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother and JUNO winning Jesse Zubot manipulating his violin through many effects pedals. Throughout their career and various incantations, The Reason has achieved nationwide radio success, received several award nominations and critical acclaim. The band’s last album, 2010s Fools, amassed an impressive amount of accolades in the months following its release. The band toured with Arkells and Hollerado and the single “The Longest Highway Home” hit the top five on the Billboard Canadian rock charts. The album was also awarded both the Rock Album of the Year and People’s Choice Album of the Year at the 2010 Hamilton Music Awards. In the decade that The Reason has been a band, they have managed to build a longstanding and loyal fanbase, who have supported them through five studio releases. Remaining as passionate and motivated as ever, the band hopes that the release of Hollow Tree, leaves the listener feeling anything but.   THEE ATTACKS: Thee Attacks are a mod-looking four-piece from Aalborg in north Denmark. Soulful vocals complement a '65-era Townshend guitarist, who whacks out Have Love, Will Travel-style riff after riff. So good - and with no covers - they'll easily move beyond the garage and could crossover to become a successor to The Hives. Primitivist über-producer Liam Watson is here and smiling along.”
So wrote Kieron Tyler from MOJO Magazine (UK) after having seen Thee Attacks during the SPOT Festival in Denmark. The producer mentioned in the quote is of course Liam Watson, renowned for producing the White Stripes breakthrough album “Elephant” in his tres hot Toe Rag Studio in London, containing only equipment from 1900-1975. And this very studio is also where he recorded both albums of Danish band Thee Attacks.
And the authorized praise does not stop there. The legendary David Fricke of Rolling Stone Magazine (US) is a huge fan, and has given the album a great review in Rolling Stone Magazine and put it on his ‘’Fricke’s Picks’’ for 2010, a personal annual top 10 list of Fricke’s favourite albums of the year. After their recent show at SPOT he said to Danish newspaper Politiken: ”My new favourite Danish band is definitely Thee Attacks. They were amazing. A band like them does not exist in USA.”
Thee Attacks are 4 young kids with an average age of 23 hailing from northern Denmark. In spite of their relatively short career, they have already played gigs in Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid, New York and Austin - and of course every rock club in Denmark worth mentioning, which have send echoing rumors through the Danish and International rock‘n'roll scene about their unrelenting stage performance and energy bursts. Not bad for a band that at that time didn’t even have a debut album out. But they do now! ”THAT’S MISTER ATTACK TO YOU” is their pure fake GOLD debut album and the second album Dirty Sheets is the story of their Dirty Deeds. As the album titles might suggest Thee Attacks are not the sort of guys that restrain themselves. On the contrary: they are all about hard boiled attitude and catchy pop tunes. The back of the album cover displays the logo “Recorded in Aggressive mono” and that’s exactly what this is. It’s rock music with a strong retro vibe, but played with an intensity and glow which engulfs the listener and makes Tyler’s comparison with The Hives ring true. Musically the two groups aren’t two of a kind, but the raw nerve and the youthful energy makes Thee Attacks a strong competent and relevant contemporary band. Without pre-programmed beats, midi-keyboards, backing tracks and the like, this is where it’s at! Rock’n’roll anno 2010. As Liam Watson writes in the liner notes for That’s Mister Attack:
”Once in a blue moon a new act emerges that makes a familiar but at the same time new sound... I call it DYNAMITE!!”
Thee Attacks deliver a manically driven powerhouse concert. Every time! On SxSW 2011 MOJO Magazine were so pleased with Thee Attacks’ performance that they put the band on MOJOs own SxSW 2011 Magnificent seven list. After appearing on Danish national TV2 and DR1 the new album Dirty Sheets was  released on September 17th and was followed by a magnificent Northern European Tour taking them to Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Denmark and the United Kingdom.This year (2013) they return to SXSW and visit CMW in Toronto for the third time.

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